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Forum Thread: 14 pin IC

Trying to make circuit scheme on the fritzing breadboard. How can I get an image of an IC with 14 pins, as none of the ready to have IC's have 14 pins and if I try to customize generic IC, it does not change the image to have this pin number.

Forum Thread: static issue

hello there thanks for reading and answering, well since i read the last tread of wire in clothes i got the idea of creating a sistem to recharge phones from the static, i got the desing to do that but i need to find the way to made more efficient the transference of static from clothes to a rechargable battery that acts like a regulator so the electricity that reaches the phone became regular and continuous, so any idea to make the transference more efficient?

Forum Thread: Want your Music Featured in our Videos?

I am making five videos a week for the Mad Science World and I would love to use that as an opportunity to showcase all of your mad scientist talents. If you have original music you would like featured on a mad science video please message me personally or post a link here. When we use your music we will put a link in the video description to drive traffic toward you!

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