Step 1: Magical Coin Mysteriously Appears

Setup: Grab a matchbox and a small coin. Sandwich the coin between the insert and the cover.

Performance: Push the insert on the side where the coin is located. The insert will appear empty. When you push the insert back in, the coin you placed secretly will fall into the insert. Next time you push the insert out, a magical coin will mysteriously appear!

Step 2: Ribbon Through a Matchbox

Setup: Grab two matchboxes. Remove an insert from one matchbox. Now with the empty cover, remove the bottom panel only keeping the top and sides of the cover. Sandwich a ribbon between the matchbox with the insert and the matchbox cover.

Performance: With one hand, slide the matchbox back and forth so the audience knows that theres nothing fishy with the ribbon. Place your other hand on top to palm the matchbox cover. Distract the audience by moving your bottom hand in a circular motion, which is holding the matchbox with the insert while slowly removing your top hand which is palming the matchbox cover. This is make it look as if the ribbon is passing right through the matchbox cover!

Step 3: Teleporting Coin

Setup: Grab two matchboxes and a small coin. Cut a slit on one end of each matchbox insert. Make sure the coin can easily pass through the cuts you make.

Performance: Facing the cut inserts towards you, push the normal looking side to the audience. Place the coin in one of the insert. Close the insert and place the matchboxes next to each other with the cut inserts facing one another. With a fast jolt slide the matches towards the direction the coin is located and then to the direction of the empty matchbox. The coin will have teleported from one matchbox to another!

Step 4: Vanish Teleporting Coin

Setup: Place a strong magnet in of a matchbox. Cover the magnet with a layer of matches. Grab two coins and mark one coin with a check mark. Leave one coin unmarked. Sandwich the coin between the insert and the matchbox cover.

Performance: Place your matchbox and second coin next to each other. Now you mark the second coin with the same check mark. Push the insert in the opposite direction the coin is secretly hidden to show the audience the insert is filled with just matches. Push the insert back in and the coin will now drop inside of the insert. Place the second coin on the palm of your hand. Hover the closed matchbox over the coin. The magnet will pick it up. Here's the tricky part. When you push the insert out you will be displaying the hidden coin, but the audience will want to see the bottom of the matchbox. At the same time you push the insert out to remove the coin, you will be using your fingers to slide the bottom coin to sandwich it between the insert and the matchbox cover. Now with the teleported coin in your hand you push the insert back in and you will be able to show the audience the bottom of the matchbox to prove the coined vanished and teleporting!

Step 5: Disappearing Reappearing Match

Setup: Take a single match and place it on your thumb with the head of the match facing you. Secure the match to your thumb using clear tape.

Performance: Make a fist and tuck your thumb inside your palm. With your other hand place it over the match hiding the match that will disappear. Right before you move the hand without the match, open your hand that has the match secured to your thumb. The faster you do this the better the visual effect. You can now have a disappearing reappearing match!

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