Step 1: Balance a Glass on a Dollar Bill

Setup: Grab three cups. Separate two cups just far apart to place a dollar bill on top of both of them. The third cup will be placed on top of the dollar bill.

Performance: Try and place the third cup on top of the bill now. Can a dollar hold a glass? No? Well, just not yet! Remove the dollar bill from underneath the glass. Fold the dollar bill with an accordion fold. (Note: Just like if you were making a paper fan.) Now, place the folded dollar bill on the two glasses again. Take the third one and place it on top of the bill. You can even add something into the glass because: yes, a dollar bill can hold a glass!

Step 2: Balancing Hex Nuts on a Soda Can

Setup: Grab a few hex nuts, a soda can, a strong magnet, and a piece of wood. Place the piece of wood above the soda can and the magnet above the piece of wood. (Note: You want to hide the magnet. This venture I leave up to you, get creative!)

Performance: Ask someone to balance as many hex nuts as possible on the soda can. They will get maybe two or three since the soda top is beveled. Now, it's your turn. Place the soda can underneath the wood and magnet so they are all lined up vertically. Before you start to balance one hex nut after another on the soda can stack as many as you can on the table. Raise your stacked hex nuts and slowly place them on the soda can. You will feel the magnetic force so let go the hex nuts and they are magically held in place!

Step 3: Balance Four Coins on the Edge of a Dollar

Setup: Grab four similar sized coins and one single dollar bill.

Performance: Ask someone to try and balance four stacked coins on the edge of a dollar bill. After multiple attempts, show them how its done! Take the dollar bill and horizontally fold it in half. Now take the stacked coins and place them on the fold. With steady hands, grab the ends of the dollar bill and slowly pull them away from each other. You just made the impossible possible by stacking coins on the edge of a dollar bill!

Step 4: Balance One End of a Dollar on a Glass

Setup: Take two glasses and place them on the table upside down. You will need to hide a quarter and have access to it when it's your turn.

Performance: Have someone attempt to place a dollar on top of the two upside down glasses. Then, have them remove one of the glasses. Everyone expects the dollar bill to fall and without a doubt it does. Now, you show them how to balance one end of a dollar on a glass. Secretly access your hidden coin. Sandwich the coin between your thumb and the bottom of the dollar bill that is facing you. Fold the dollar bill towards you so the coin is hidden from the viewer. Now the coin is sandwiched between the dollar bill. Remove the glass that is opposite of the coin. You just defied gravity!

Step 5: Balance a Glass on a Playing Card

Setup: You will need an empty glass and two playing cards from a deck. Take one playing card and place it face down. Find the middle point of the card and fold it in half. (Note: score it before you fold it so its less obvious that the card has been folded.) Now, glue half of the folded card to the back of the second card. Place the glued cards back in the deck.

Performance: Place the card deck and empty glass on the table. Open the box and place the cards next to the glass. (Note: You want the cards face up to hide the folded card.) Your folded card should be on top. Grab the card in one hand placing your fingers on the side of the card. Distract the viewer by grabbing the empty glass. Using your pinky, extend the fold to create a "T" shape. Put on your magic face and add some drama while you place the empty glass on top of the card. You just perfectly balanced an empty glass on a playing card!

Step 6: Candle Balances Itself

Setup: Cut a candle stick so the wick is showing on both ends. Then take a needle and pass it through the middle of the candle stick. Place the needle on two glasses so the candle is sandwiched between them.

Performance: The candle will always lean on the side that is heavier. Thus, by lighting both ends of the candle it will teeter back and forth to maintain balance!

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