Step 1: Fidget Physics

Inertia is a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line. Attach a string to the center of the fidget spinner. Give it a good spin on the table and raise the spinner with the string. If you tilt the spinner in any angle it will keep the angle of rotation unless it is changed by an internal force. Give it a try and see it in action!

Step 2: Fidget Fire Starter

Grab a box of matches and remove the cover. Use a pair of scissors to cut the match striker section. Now turn it over and apply an ample amount of glue to attach it to the fidget spinner. Note: You don't want to center the striker on the spinner since it might rub on the table and slow it down when spun. Raise it up so the bottom of the striker is lined up with the middle of the spinner. Once it has dried. give it a good spin and slowly move your match closer to the spinner. The speed of the spinner will ignite your match with ease!

Step 3: Lazy Susan Fidget Spinner

Attach the fidget spinner to the table using a hot glue gun. Make sure when you spin it, it doesn't move. Place three rubber balls on top of the spinner. Fill a container with a small amount of butane fuel and place it in a pencil holder. You can give it a spin before you start the fire to get a feel of how much force you need to make it spin. Light the container with the fuel and give it a spin. The fire will begin to take the shape of a tornado when spun!

Step 4: Human vs Machine

This is a simple trick to compare the power of yourself against a machine. Grab a chopstick and stack as many fidget spinners you want. Note: this works with one spinner too. With all your strength give the spinner a spin and time it. Write your time down. Now use a blower to spin the fidget spinner. Compare the time and see if you even come close to half the time that the machine has achieved!

Step 5: External Force

Lets see if we can use external force to change the rotation of the spinner. Place one finger on the spinner and spin it. Find a variety of objects to roll towards the spinner. We used things like marbles which were light, rubber balls for their material, and hand exercise ying yang ball for both its weight and material. We even tried multiple fidget spinners against a jar of marbles. See the video for the results.

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