Forum Thread: I'm Looking to Create a Weapon.

For some time I've been pondering new ways to improve the current methods of self defence that are available to us. Martial arts takes quite some time and pepper spray and tasers are children's toys from my point of view. I need something that is sure to scare away any stray attackers. So I came up with a simple outline

This is just a sketch. The method of operation is fairly simple. It's basically electrified claws. He claws might be too childish, so fisticuffs would be preferable.

The battery is worn along with other essentials like a backpack. It supplies power to the system (of course, I'd have to set up a proper circuit) which electrifies the claws.

Assuming isulation is done in an orderly manner and not some bulky giant tubes, one should be able to slip these under their sleeve.

The user would wear gloves that are designed to accommodate the wiring and protect the user from his own weapon. The part that makes actual contact can be made of any cheap conductive material.

The key to start the flow of electricity can be placed anywhere on the circuit. Anywhere that you find convenient I mean.

The issue of heat gathering around the hands is a problem, the only solution i could find was to use it only when needed, as the heated metal to melt your insulator and get the idea.

Honestly, I would say placing an insulator like wood between the gloves and the metal would be effective in stalling the heating and would allow continued usage at a slightly higher cost.

Some might argue that a car battery is overkill. I argue that this isn'ta toy. It's meant to cause victims. It has no other purpose.

One should be aware that carrying this much would require some level of physical strength.
What do you think?

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