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Help us get to know you by sharing some info about yourself!

Where are you from?

What is your favorite science project?

What do you want from the Mad Science Community?

Do you have any interests outside of Science?

Explosions? Yes or no? Why?

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Hi everyone! My name is Will.

I am from Boston MA.

My favorite science projects are anything to do with robots in space.

I want for our Mad Science community to be responsive and helpful in teaching each other about the wonders of the universe. Maybe together we can put a robot in space!

I love teaching preschool and playing folk music. I am politically active and I hate the proverbial 'Man'.

Explosions: YES!. Because they are loud and dangerous!

I also love robotics !!! :D

I am from Utah, USA. I have pretty much lived there my whole life.

My favorite science project? Anything "sciencey" is of interest to me (especially things that go boom!). I really like chemistry, geology, biology, magnetism...Ok, I pretty much like anything! I competed in my school's science fair every year, until they stopped doing it after 7th grade. I placed in top 3 all but one year. :)

Outside of science? I love spelling bees, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, lockpicking, fencing, computers (I am a computer science major), video games and just about anything in between.

What I want from the Mad Science Community? I hope to learn and have fun doing it! I am so sick of boring lectures and stressing about passing some lame standardized test. I would love to see the science behind each of the projects, for those who are interested in that thing, but also lots of cool videos and pictures, of course!

Explosions? I think I already covered that? Boom, boom, BOOM! Yeah... :D

Hi everyone! I am from Michigan.

I love science projects that deal with motion tracking and motion control.

I want to find a group of mad scientists like myself to share ideas with, trade secrets and shoot the breeze.

I love music. If you were going to take four senses away, I would not give up my ears.

The best explosion I made was filling a plastic easter egg with gasoline and shooting it out of a PVC potatoe launcher. It made a 5 foot fire ball that was fun but entirely not safe, so yes to explosions.

Sounds like a dangerous easter! Welcome Noah!

<— That's my name over there.

Me... I'm from the east coast, but live on the west coast.

My favorite science project? Well... anything involving fire or electricity, and I really dig the chemistry side of things.

Outside of science? Let's see... Scrabble, banjo, cleaning (yes, that's right), photography, Scrabble. Oh wait, I already said that. Full disclosure... I work for WonderHowTo, so I actually enjoy everything.

Explosions? Yes. Definitely. Because I've seen many the real deal, and think the backyard ones are very fun replications of them (as long as they're safe).

Name: Chris Zhang

Im from, the east coast, near DC

I want the mad science community to help teach me stuff, and make the world a less stupid place (no offence intended to any not as smart people)

Favorite science project? Anything! i love science... I actually have the basics of almost all of the sciences down. Anything that takes explaining to me is wonderful and amazing to me. :D

Outside of Science? Alto Sax! Swimming, Ping pong, studying, TF2(ftw), photography (not well though) 

Explosions! FTW GO GO GO! They sound like fun, im a bit of a pyromaniac myself. 

Name: Matthew Herman

Where are you from? I am from New England and have lived there my entire life (So far)

What is your favorite science project? I would say using different elements to my advantage to make fire, or explosions. FIRE under WATER!!!!

What do you want from the Mad Science Community?  More things go boom?

Do you have any interests outside of Science? I am planning on majoring in Computer Science in College and have some type of degree in Mythology and Chem

Explosions? Yes or no? Why? I think I already covered that in all of the other questions, I like making things go boom be it dry ice and a water bottle or homemade napalm.

Hey everyone. I am Clifton Harp. I reside in Northwest Ohio and am attending Devry University Online for Electronics Engineering. I am still in my first year though. I have always been a 'hands-on' guy. I started working on cars and motorcycles at age 9. When I turned 19 my father-in-law (at the time) and I opened a rather successful automotive service shop which did quite well for a number of years. Sadly, it is no more :( I still wrench on cars but I have all these wonderful ideas for electronics projects. One that I am currently working on is based loosely on the Adafruit company's MintyBoost USB charger. I like the idea, but I think I can make something a little better. More details as they emerge. Any questions just shoot me a line and I will try to get back with an answer within a day or so. 

Glad to have you aboard Clifton! I look forward to seeing your charger! Do you have any pictures of the prototype?

I'm not even sure how I'm going to design it yet. I know what I want it to do but now I just have to figure out the circuitry and price/order the components. I literally started this idea a couple of weeks ago. On top of that, I feel like I am still very much a newbie in the electronics field as I just started my degree program the first of this year. It's all a huge learning experience for me but I plan on making it as fun as I can :) I know I want to do all the testing and calculations from the start. I feel like if I just use an existing circuit (even an open source one) I would be cheating. I guess that's just the perfectionist in me. I'm not ready to release any details yet but I can tell you if I get it working the way I want it's gonna be HUGE! (popularity, not size) I'm basically going to have 4 different charging circuits and I need to figure out what I need for each one and what micro I want/need to handle it within the power specs. Hopefully I won't blow anything up! lol

Hi my name is airessa
I love in North Hollywood CA and am mom to for easily board children. Three of them are boys and the usual games and tricks to entertain them and friends are just to childish and boring for them. they range in age from 41/2 to 19 years old. So to try to keep them from destroying my house, we've challanged one another to see wich one can find the best project for us to try. After presenting our ideas we then have to build them . Usually this keeps them busy for a few days, trying to out do me as well as themselves. Its fun for all of us and we all are learning from the projects but the boys are getting older and allthough I've managed to stay one step ahead of them I fear they are catching up rather fast; so I am now on the hunt for anything weird, unexplainable, seemingly immpossible, to just plain fascinating to the wow how'd you do that, let me try type experiments

hi, i'm james .i live in india(kerala).
I love anything that ifun to do and creative and useful.
i want the mad science community to tech me things.

of corse,i like explosions,because mm..... ,i don't know-i just love it.

I also like explosions, i think is because of the power demonstration XD

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