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This is a easy tutorial of Pepper expansion.Hi I am dheeraj this is a mad science tutorial this is very easy I'll tell you more of experiments lets start .Before starting how does this work this actually it works on principle of surface tension. Surface tension holds the surface molecules of liquids tightly. So the pepper particles when soap applied , they get moved when molecules are Holden tightly.Lets Do this :D

Aim:To know about surface tension using pepper.
Required materials :

2.Water enough for filling the plate

3.Soap/liquid dish wash soap

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5.Tooth Pick/Ear Bud

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Step 1: First take the clear plate pour a little amount of water till the the water reaches the edge of the plate.

Step 2:Add a little amount of pepper.

Step 3: Take a tooth pick/ear bud and rub/dip in soap/dish wash soap.

Step 4:Take the soap rubbed/dipped ear bud/tooth pick and slowly dip at the centre of the plate.

Cool your done with the first experiment.Meet you in the next experiment bye for now know more about Surface Tension


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