Forum Thread: Powerful Gunpowder from Matches

How to make a powerful flash powder from a box of simple matches

If you buy cheap matches in bulk, you can get around 50 grams, a little short of 2 ounces of powder for 1 dollar. 50 grams is enough to make 3 very powerful firecrackers, 2-3 grams of properly contained mix equals a very loud bang. Getting ingredients even for basic aluminum flash powder can be hard, so why not use something you can buy pretty much… anywhere?

Match heads contain around 40% KClO3, striking pads contain around 30% red phosphorus. When combined they make a rather potent and stable fast burning mix for small firecrackers.

Grind separately. When mixed do not grind roughly.

This is not Armstrong mix. It needs a strong impact or friction to ignite.

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HAHAHA no. That IS Armstrongs mix and it's incredibly dangerous to try this at home, so don't :)

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