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hello there thanks for reading and answering, well since i read the last tread of wire in clothes i got the idea of creating a sistem to recharge phones from the static, i got the desing to do that but i need to find the way to made more efficient the transference of static from clothes to a rechargable battery that acts like a regulator so the electricity that reaches the phone became regular and continuous, so any idea to make the transference more efficient?

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btw, i was forgotting i tried to extract the static holding wires from the top of the clothe to the ground so the negative of the battery goes to the ground and the possitive to the top like a van der graaf generator, the only problem on the desing is that there is still to much static wasted and the electricity extracted from that is not enought

Very interesting! Can you post some pictures of your set up so we can have a better idea what you are starting with?

hello, sorry for the delay ive been quite busy but as soon as i got a little of time ill take some pictures :)

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