How to Make a Mini Flamethrower, Exploding Fireball, & Flint Bomb Sparkler with Disposable Lighters

Whether you've got an itch for a mini-flamethrower, a shower of burning sparks, or a exploding ball of flames, these little fireworks-producing lighters may be the answer to your pyrotechnic cravings!

I found these cheap lighters at the dollar store. Three for a buck!

Mini Flamethrower!

By hacking into the valve tensioner and adjusting it counter clockwise, you can shoot a flame 12 inches long! Mini Flamethrower!

Spark-Making Flint Bomb!

Taking the striker wheel off and removing the flint and spring is the next step toward making a flint bomb. The flint is spring-loaded and will fly out under pressure as soon as the wheel is removed, so be ready to catch it, or prepare for a scavenger hunt to recover it!

Wrap the flint into the spring so it holds securely, and now you can hold it in an open flame for about 25 seconds until it glows bright orange.

Throw it at the ground with force and watch the sparks fly!

It's amazing to see the amount of light these mini-fireworks flash off on impact.

Exploding Balls of Flames!

With the leftover lighter bodies still full of liquid butane, I tried smashing them down on the ground next to an open flame...

This resulted in a giant flaming fireball. Probably not the safest activity, but a lot of fun since nobody got hurt this time.

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