How To: Build a Frame for the Mega Solar Scorcher

Build a Frame for the Mega Solar Scorcher

Here is how you can build a frame for your MEGA SOLAR SCORCHER in under an hour, and for less than $8!! This is effectively a 4 foot magnifying lens that concentrates insane amounts of heat from the sun. What would you do with all this free solar power?

My design for this custom "Scorcher Frame" is easy to use, and incredibly cheap to make, as you can see in this step-by-step video.

If you'd like to make one, you'll need to measure the length and width of your Scorcher lens, and rip a 2" x 4" piece of wood in half using a tablesaw. Next, you'll need to move the cutting guide over, lower the blade, and cut a groove down the center of the 2 pieces. Measure carefully, and cut custom lengths to frame your lens. When all pieces are cut, slide them on the lens and verify that you are happy with how they fit together.

You'll need a way to rotate the frame with the angle of the sun, so drill a hole just large enough for a bolt to fit through, then use a larger drill bit to drill a hole large enough to conceal the bolt head under the area where the lens will rest.

If you want to make it look nice, you can router the edges to give it a more professional look, then secure it all together with a wood screw in each corner.

At this point, the lens is framed, and you can move on to building an A-frame to make it functional.

You'll need two 2" x 4"s that are 10' or taller, and your tablesaw to rip them in half as you did before.

Then use 2 eye-screws and secure into the center of the top edges so that when they are laid together and placed over the bolt, they fit together like a hinge. These, along with some washers, makeshift spacers, and a wing nut will form the hinges for the A-frame. You should also cut 4 support beams to sturdy the frame, and space the legs apart evenly.

At this point, your lens and frame are attached and can be stood upright for testing, and operation, if desired. The lens points with the flat side facing the object being scorched and the grooved "Fresnel" side faces the sun.

Because this is all done with cheap materials, and we can effectively double the wood we have by ripping it in half, this custom frame is made for under $8! I chose to attach a thin strip of hard-board to the side with some bolts and washers to act as a tensioner for the lens. This allows me to position the lens, set it, and forget it.

A board on the upper supports of the A-frame creates a great base to place objects for scorching, cooking, welding, melting, boiling or whatever you choose to do with your set up.

To see a demonstration of what I was able to do with this system, check this video out!

If you want to know how I found this lens for free, and how you can do it too, check this video out, as well:

Haven't see the video yet? You can still see it here!

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