Step 1: Jet Engine

Grab a glass jar with two lids and 50% alcohol. Pour just enough alcohol to coat the entire inside of the jar. Put a lid on the jar and shake it around to get the alcohol to spread all around the inside. Grab the second lid and make a hole in the middle of it. Replace the lid with the lid you just made a hole in. Take a match from a matchbox, strike it and place it near the hole in the lid. Enjoy the reaction!

Variations: Try a larger container and/or a stronger percentage of alcohol!

Step 2: Flammable Bubbles

Fill a plate with some water, dish soap, and butane fuel. The fuel will create bubbles that are flammable. Grab any object you want to coat with the bubbles. Use one of those long reach lighters for this one. Don't blink when you light the bubbles you don't want to miss this reaction!

Step 3: Floating Flame

Take a glass jar and remove the lid. Spray enough of the body spray to get a mist in the jar. Use a long reach lighter for this one too. The flame will start at the top and slowly makes its way to the bottom of the jar as if it was floating!

Step 4: Dirty Paper

Rip a letter size piece of paper in half. When you take one half and light it, its safe to say it will burn. What if there was a way to not have the paper burn. Take the second half and wrap it around a copper tube. Secure it with some tape and light it up. Fire plus copper equals nothing but some dirty paper!

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