Arduino Air Force: DIY Robotic Cardboard Quadcopters

DIY Robotic Cardboard Quadcopters

You're hellbent on taking over the world, but one race of robotic minions isn't enough for you. With your hexapod robots acting as your ground forces, it's only natural to take to the skies. These cardboard quadcopters are the perfect air force for you. Combined, you are mere steps away from starting your evil takeover. Now you just need some water bots.

The cardboard flying quadcopters are built around the MultiWii platform with the twin power of Processing and Arduino, so they are actually a bit more advanced than your six-legged Arduino arthropod robots, but don't let that deter you from trying them. Mike Estee has the extensive parts list all laid out and the design pattern with plenty of side notes to make things easy. Hit up his how-to article for the complete instructions.

Now... build them and show us your video of them in action! Here's a few videos of Mike's previous quadcopter attempts. We're still eagerly anticipating the final build's flight video.

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Fantastic. Very simple, but best. Congrtulations.

Love this idea may make it for a fun with my older son!

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