News: Welcome to Mad Science! Evil Experiments for Scientific Thrill Seekers

Welcome to Mad Science! Evil Experiments for Scientific Thrill Seekers

Welcome to the Mad Science World! Hold onto your radiation-shielded hard hats—we're going to be posting a ton of great how-to articles and videos every week, showcasing the maddest of the mad science experiments on the web. We hope you will be inspired to try these projects at home, but always remember—safety first!

My name is Will, and I'm the admin of this World. I'm also a part-time preschool teacher, activist, maker, and folk musician. I love tackling new scientific ideas, blowing things up, and causing general mayhem. If you ever have any questions, just post them in the forum or message me personally. Your curiosity is my command!

Join, post, follow, reblog, and learn from each other! Mad Science World is a community—each one of us is a valuable resource! If you are lost, then ask a mad scientist here. If you find someone struggling, help them get to where they're going. With our incredible powers combined, we are MAD SCIENCE.

To introduce yourself and learn more about each other in this embarkation of our meteoric rise into science history, hit up the Introductions post. Let us know where you are coming from geographically, scientifically, sociologically—whatever you want to share. You can also find our Community Rules on the forum. Respect our fellow mad scientists.

And if you've got any project ideas for us in the future, give them to us.

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Looking forward to watch your World develop :)

looks awesome! :D what type of experiments are you thinking to do tutorials on? Id love to see some chemistry !

It will be a grab bag but chemistry is definitely a priority!

This sounds awesome :D

Thanks gaveat 123! Glad to have you in our world. Feel free to make requests and post what intrests you on the world corkboard. Don't forget to introduce yourself in the forum either.

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