News: You Can Now Pilot Your Own 13-Foot Tall Weaponized Mech (For Just $1.35 Million)

You Can Now Pilot Your Own 13-Foot Tall Weaponized Mech (For Just $1.35 Million)

The streets of Tokyo are about to get a lot scarier (or more awesome), after Suidobashi Heavy Industries unveiled their latest project: a 13-foot tall, customizable, piloted robot.

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It's armed to the teeth with a water bottle rocket launcher and a BB Gatling gun capable of firing 6,000 rounds a minute; all for the very reasonable price tag of around 1.35 million dollars.

The "Kuratas" mech's cockpit can comfortably fit a pilot, where a Kinect-based movement detection system tracks the user's face to lock onto targets. In a horrible, yet hilarious, macabre twist, the Gatling gun is activated when the pilot smiles.

If a hands-on approach isn't your thing, the robot can also be controlled remotely with any device that can access a 3G network, such as your iPhone. You probably won't be using it to drive to work though—the Kuratas's top speed is just over 7 mph.

You can customize and order your own mechanized warfighter at the Suidobashi website, where you can add a spiffy paint job, or if you're feeling especially ambitious, a cupholder.

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The best part is that you smile to shoot.

My only concern is, if I'm driving around a giant robot, how am I going to stop smiling?

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