Mad Science Giveaway: What Would You Do with Sugru, the Magical Mold-Anything Goo? [CLOSED]

What Would You Do with Sugru, the Magical Mold-Anything Goo? [CLOSED]


This contest has ended and winners have been announced. To see who won, check out our quick winners post. Thanks to everyone for submitting their ideas!


Mad Science is back with another contest this month. This time, you've got a chance to win your very own Sugru, the magical mold-anything goo!

Sugru is a wondrous putty made from silicone and epoxy. It molds to any shape and permanently bonds to any surface. The resulting Sugru models are super tough and just a little bendable. This combination of sturdiness and flexibility make Sugru ideal for strengthening handles, camera cases, car keys, and a million other things.

Photo by Pete Prodoehl

How to Enter

Here's the deal. In the comments below, post your most awesome Sugru project idea. You don't need to actually perform your project idea, just let your thoughts splatter into the comments box. Our two favorite ideas will receive a free full pack of Sugru to help them get their project off the ground! Winners will even be able to choose their favorite color.

Each pack contains 8 pieces of Sugru for your hacking pleasure. Remember that the putty dries permanently and cannot be reused. If you have a great project idea, you won't need to waste any Sugru on prototyping!

Send us your musings, your flights of fancy, your brainstorms, and your fanatical ravings!

Here's Some Inspiration!

Check out the pics below for some inspirational Sugru propaganda.

Custom stamps and molds are great with Sugru because it dries with just a little bit of flexibility for pressing ink or prying out plaster.

Photo by ChrysN

Earbuds and other custom grips are a snap. Press the Sugru around the ear buds or shovel handle when malleable and let it dry to the pattern of your grip or ear canal.

Photo by joymcjoy

Compress the Sugru in a mold to get specialized wire connectors!

Photo by Carson Lau

Here is an entire robot made from Sugru!

Photo by marc.cryan

Official Rules

  1. Post your idea for Sugru in the comments below.
  2. Follow us on either Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.
  3. All ideas must be submitted no later than June 30th, 2012 to be entered into this contest.
  4. We'll pick two winners, who'll each be able to pick which pack they want (i.e. all black, black and white, or multi-color).

Now, what are you waiting for? Let us know, what would you do with Sugru, the magical mold-anything goo? Post below.

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i would make a cookie

Raspberry PI case, or to use as repair compund for my device hacking fetish

revenge nuff said

Phone drop-proofing, or to cut wires and then make them look normal to cause hours of "WHY ISN't THIS STUPID THING WORKING" and "ARGHHHH!" moments. plus maybe you could put a couple of electronic parts without a board in it and make a simple "circuit ball", maybe lights or something?

I would fix the whole in our roof for my mom

Oh no! Is it a rain-dripping hole? Also, yay for caring about others!

I will make handles for my car keys !

I'll repair my headset and make a minecraft player model out of the rest XD

A way to mount a fan onto a computer case, if it isn't strong enough that's what the duct tape and super glue are for.

I would repair the basket hooks on my Mother-In-Laws walker, fix a know on the washer, make a phone cradle for my wife's car and, oh yes, repair some of my tool handles.

This would be great for use with small halloween prop molds.

I would make grips for my pens and pencils. Because I can mold it, it would ergonomically fit my hands.

I would make all my electronics drop-resistant with it (I think anyone would), but more importantly, I would make little fingertip coverings with it so that I could turn pages better, pick up hot things without burning myself, have better grip on my pens and pencils, etc. Rather than using lots of sugru on everything I want to make easier to grip or safer to handle, I would use a relatively small amount on just my fingers.

I would make a perfect seat for my ass, perfectly molded to my cheeks, haha

I would make extremely strong suction cups for sticking things. I dont know what though.

I would also make a compact crossbow. The string will probably break before the bow does=).

I would carry it in the car and if I got a hole in the radiator, I would fix that with the sugru

I would make custom fit orthodetics in colors for my shoes sandals..

I would make elf ears out of it. They would be flexible and last forever. I would coat them with liquid latex after it dried so it wouldn't irritate my skin and to give it the right color. Then I would make paper mache base for horns and cover that with sugru. They would look awesome and feel real. Lastly, I would make feet for my laptop so that it would sit just a little taller on the table and not get quit so hot.

When i read, the cover and the spine get all bent. I would use it to edge the book cover, or protect the corners of a hardcover with it. At the end of the day, i would use it for important books and things, which are not that big, so i could save some sugru.

Cover the bottom (front section) of your Tennis Shoes with Sugru. Now you have a pair of custom "jump roping" shoes. The sugru provides added cushioning to protect your knees when jumping rope for exercise! Vary the amount of sugru based on how much cushioning you require.

Make yourself a grotesque GIANT prosthetic nose. Paint it flesh color to match your face. Pop it on and walk through a mall to see how people react. Memorize several "nose-humor" lines. Now go up to the counter and say... Excuse me... I don't mean to be Nosy, but how much is this nose hair trimmer? Find one of those perfume tester girls, and have some fun smelling them with your giant schnozola!

I Would make Majora's Mask from LOZ or a pair of hand grips so i can always have a grip on the situation

I would make saddles for my model horses, and hooks and racks for my real tack. I would also make my own model horses to paint after the dry, and since it is slightly flexible they wouldn't be as breakable as plastic models. I could put in the mane and tail and smooth the sugru over them so it would look more real than the plastic slits in other store-bought models.

What if you use part of a pack, then put it in an airtight container, say, a ziplock bag? would it still be moldable afterwards?

Form it into a tripod, put in a screw thing that fits, twink it a bit and have a personalized tripod. Use it to fit the shape of your ear perfectly so you can put your bluetooth on easier. tou and ink cartridge of a pen in it to make a pen.

oh and if i get it i will actually make handprints of my little sister and brother for my mom's birth day!

and fix my dad's ipad charger.... vacuum accident.

can you buy this stuff anywhere?

With one half I'd make earbuds (as above), and with the other half I'd make a tool to remove them when they bonded with my eardrums.

I'd also consider making little cat shoes to foil her furniture scratching ways and improve her alley cat left hook.

Hmmm...this thing seems wondrous! I think I could use it for better ergonomics on mouses and such. Place it on, hold your hand there for a few seconds/minutes and wallah! You've got a mouse with the perfect fit for your hand. :D

Or, maybe a coin purse thing? Haha

My shows are too large and give me blisters. I can use this to make my shoes fit like gloves.

I would do a couple things, i would make a slot cover for my iphones cable slot to stop the dust build up and prevent damage. i would then make a stand for my iphone in my car (i charge it and use it for Pandora). id use it to custom fittings for my xbox/ps3 controllers, id make stands for my collectibles, and id probably just fix up little chips and missing caps around the house.

I would attach them to standard in-ear earbuds, sort of like above, except I would fit it perfectly so it would perfectly fit my ear. This would 1. Make them noise cancelling from both inside and out 2. Make them much more comfortable- in-ear earbuds always start to hurt after about a half an hour of listing and 3. would also be removeable by siding down the cord, so it wouldn't get lost but I would also be able to share with friends. I think this would be an amazing application for sugru.

I would make custom lego parts. Sugru just seems ideal for that - maybe trying to remake known characters from movies or games.

Also I would use it to design stuff, like necklaces, rings, usb's, etc.

1.I would use it to create moulds and make my own prototype figurines. (The Kidrobot kind, not the G.I Joe kind!)
2. Would use it to create my own IPhone/IPad stands, also customise my own iPhone case with a side landscape mount, to attach it to a tripod.
3. And as a fixer, I'd use it to bond broken casings ie; cracked ghetto blaster Shell, to fill out a missing chipped corner piece .

I have several projects I'd love to do:
1. Make heat-proof covers for my crock pot handles
2. Skid-proof toddler socks by rolling out small pieces into "worms" and smashing them on the bottom of the socks and flattening them.
3. fix the plastic top of several keys so they go back on the ring.

i would fix my shoes

Sonar helmet and gloves to help paint a metal picture for blind people

I would make custom grips for my mouse, and xbox controller.

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