News: Winners of Mad Science's Sugru Contest

Winners of Mad Science's Sugru Contest

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas in last month's Mad Science contest. The question called for your best idea for using Sugru, a temporarily malleable silicone modeling clay that self cures for a soft-touch permanent bond. It's a marvelous product for at-home quick fixes and for even making some cool DIY bumpers and grips for your electronics.

William scoured through all of the comments and chose the two winners he felt best deserved a pack of Sugru.

Winner #1: Owen Decker

Owen Decker was one of the winners, for his creative idea on using tiny bits of Sugru to create superhuman heat-resistant fingertips. Here's his whole comment:

"I would make all my electronics drop-resistant with it (I think anyone would), but more importantly, I would make little fingertip coverings with it so that I could turn pages better, pick up hot things without burning myself, have better grip on my pens and pencils, etc. Rather than using lots of sugru on everything I want to make easier to grip or safer to handle, I would use a relatively small amount on just my fingers." - Owen Decker

Winner #2: Pat Dooley

Pat Dooley was our second winner, thanks to a fun costuming concept of Sugru elf ears and papier mâché horns covered with Sugru. Here's the whole idea:

"I would make elf ears out of it. They would be flexible and last forever. I would coat them with liquid latex after it dried so it wouldn't irritate my skin and to give it the right color. Then I would make paper mache base for horns and cover that with sugru. They would look awesome and feel real. Lastly, I would make feet for my laptop so that it would sit just a little taller on the table and not get quit so hot." - Pat Dooley


Owen and Pat both get to pick their choice of 8-minipack Sugru. We hope they'll take some pics for us of their Sugru creations. We'd love to see how they turned out!

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Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas. Stay tuned for future Mad Science contests for another chance to win something cool.

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