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Forum Thread : Introduce yourself

Help us get to know you by sharing some info about yourself! Where are you from? What is your favorite science project? What do you want from the Mad Science Community? Do you have any interests outside of Science? Explosions? Yes or no? Why?

Forum Thread : Polymerization

I would like to make the explosive polymerization with p-nitro aniline and sulfuric acid. I work in a laboratory and have access to the chemicals. I have seen several videos on Youtube and it looks awesome... When I try nothing happens, even after 10 minutes of heating. I have ...more

Forum Thread : 14 pin IC

Trying to make circuit scheme on the fritzing breadboard. How can I get an image of an IC with 14 pins, as none of the ready to have IC's have 14 pins and if I try to customize generic IC, it does not change the image to have this pin number. Help appriciated!

Forum Thread : static issue

hello there thanks for reading and answering, well since i read the last tread of wire in clothes i got the idea of creating a sistem to recharge phones from the static, i got the desing to do that but i need to find the way to made more efficient the transference of static fr ...more

Forum Thread : Community Rules

The Mad Science World is a place to share and learn while being respectful and courteous. Things we love: Your project posts Questions Helpful tips Constructive criticism Debate The following will not be tolerated: Insults of any kind Unhelpful criticism Spamming As ...more

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