Forum Thread: 5 Awesome Water Experiments

Leak Magic Bag

Get your hands on as many pencils as possible, the more the merrier! Go ahead and sharpen all of them to a nice sharpened point. Then get a ziplock bag and fill it with water. This is where it gets interesting, start on one side of the ziplock bag and put the pencil through it so it comes out from the other end. There is a trickle of water at times but the majority of the water will not spill. See how many pencils you can put through the ziplock bag!

Step 1: Suction Power

Here an quick and easy experiment, first find a glass and a card to place over the top of the glass. Fill the glass with water until it reaches almost to the top. Now with your other hand place a card on top of the glass. Here is the slow part, slowly turn the glass upside down while adding pressure to the card on top of the glass. Once it is completely upside down, slowly remove your hand from the card. Now all you think about is the card falling and not the water spilling!

Step 2: Water Transfer

Get two empty glasses and a string together. Attach one end of the string to the first glass and the other end of the string to the second glass. We added vegetable oil to the first glass for a better view of the water transfer. Now add water to the second glass filling it about half way. Slowly raise the glass that has the water in it, while also tilting the glass. This requires a steady hand and patience. If done right there will be no spills, and your first glass is now half vegetable oil and half water!

Step 3: Mirror Effect

Place an illustration or words against a wall. In this case we used arrows facing in different directions. Then fill a glass with water. Note* - This works best with a cylinder glass. What do you notice? Arrows are now facing the same direction!

Step 4: No Spill Water Tension

You can amaze your friends with this one! Before showing your experiment, take a bottle and fill it with water. Cut a piece of mesh to cover the opening of the bottle. You can attach the mesh with tape (quick way) or glue (longer way) but make sure the opening is dry. To add some suspense, you can tilt the bottle a little to show that water does pour out. Then place your palm on top of the mesh and completely turn the bottle upside down. Slowly remove your hand and amaze your friends even more by inserting toothpicks into the bottle! Water spill? Not this time!

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