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Forum Thread: Awesome DVD Drive Trick to Generate Electricity

We can use DVD Drive to generate small amount of current and can light two or three LED. The trick simply is DVD Drive contains a motor inside it when dismantle the DVD Drive we can rotate that motor by sliding one of the DVD drive part. Thus after rotation in motor it generates very small amount of electricity and we can light up LED. Watch the video how to disassemble the DVD Drive learn the trick and share with your friends.

Forum Thread: Polymerization

I would like to make the explosive polymerization with p-nitro aniline and sulfuric acid. I work in a laboratory and have access to the chemicals. I have seen several videos on Youtube and it looks awesome... When I try nothing happens, even after 10 minutes of heating. I have mixed 2 sp of the aniline and approximately 1 ml acid. I heat with a bunsen burner. Any good suggestions why it won't work? Best regards Jørgen

Forum Thread: 14 pin IC

Trying to make circuit scheme on the fritzing breadboard. How can I get an image of an IC with 14 pins, as none of the ready to have IC's have 14 pins and if I try to customize generic IC, it does not change the image to have this pin number.

Forum Thread: static issue

hello there thanks for reading and answering, well since i read the last tread of wire in clothes i got the idea of creating a sistem to recharge phones from the static, i got the desing to do that but i need to find the way to made more efficient the transference of static from clothes to a rechargable battery that acts like a regulator so the electricity that reaches the phone became regular and continuous, so any idea to make the transference more efficient?

Forum Thread: Want your Music Featured in our Videos?

I am making five videos a week for the Mad Science World and I would love to use that as an opportunity to showcase all of your mad scientist talents. If you have original music you would like featured on a mad science video please message me personally or post a link here. When we use your music we will put a link in the video description to drive traffic toward you!

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