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Forum Thread: I'm Looking to Create a Weapon.

For some time I've been pondering new ways to improve the current methods of self defence that are available to us. Martial arts takes quite some time and pepper spray and tasers are children's toys from my point of view. I need something that is sure to scare away any stray attackers. So I came up with a simple outline

Forum Thread: Pepper expansion_Beginner Experiment1

This is a easy tutorial of Pepper expansion.Hi I am dheeraj this is a mad science tutorial this is very easy I'll tell you more of experiments lets start .Before starting how does this work this actually it works on principle of surface tension. Surface tension holds the surface molecules of liquids tightly. So the pepper particles when soap applied , they get moved when molecules are Holden tightly.Lets Do this :D

Forum Thread: Interesting Thing About How Railway Signal Works

In this video i wanted to show how the railway signal works. Sorry for a poor quality, this is my first video on youtube. Interesting thing. When train is approaching to the road crossing, signal immediately turns on. The secret is that there is a signal coming through the rails, and when train is near, it close this signal and siren starting work.

Forum Thread: Easy Slime Recipe | 3 Ingredients!

Are the kids bored? Need something for a school project? Want a great activity for a family night? In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make slime! This easy slime recipe only requires 3 basic everyday household ingredients, with an optional 1 or 2 more ingredients. The slime is non-toxic and super safe to play with. Don't eat it though! So let's get to it, let's make some slime!

Forum Thread: Awesome DVD Drive Trick to Generate Electricity

We can use DVD Drive to generate small amount of current and can light two or three LED. The trick simply is DVD Drive contains a motor inside it when dismantle the DVD Drive we can rotate that motor by sliding one of the DVD drive part. Thus after rotation in motor it generates very small amount of electricity and we can light up LED. Watch the video how to disassemble the DVD Drive learn the trick and share with your friends.

Forum Thread: Polymerization

I would like to make the explosive polymerization with p-nitro aniline and sulfuric acid. I work in a laboratory and have access to the chemicals. I have seen several videos on Youtube and it looks awesome... When I try nothing happens, even after 10 minutes of heating. I have mixed 2 sp of the aniline and approximately 1 ml acid. I heat with a bunsen burner. Any good suggestions why it won't work? Best regards Jørgen

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